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Golf Headlines

The Ladies' Win the 2019 Kinder Cup!

7 teams paired off against each other this year, due to the weather a single match tournament was played.  With 6 teams already in and posted it was tied at 3 - 3, the final match of Nancy Catlett and Pat Weary playing against Gary Trimmer and Larry Garrison still at large, however the ladies deliverd a 1 up win clinching the overall win for the Ladies'.


Pictured left to right back row: J. Tierney, G. Trimmer, K. French, R. Rameriez, W. Chase, B. Woodfin, P. Hagwood, J. Trimmer

2nd Row: P. Weary, N. Catlett, B. Tierney, D. D'Haene, J. Shepard, C. Garrison, K. Hagwood, J. Pitts, R. McDonald, F. Anderson.

Kneeling: L. Garrison, D. Fleming, J. Meyer, A. Ingram, J. Priode, K. Catlett

not pictured: P. Elliott, H. Bullock

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