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Etiquette and Attire

Golf etiquette is not a concrete set of rules, but rather a set of unspoken expectations that if followed will enhance your golf experience. Practicing proper golf etiquette is based on respect for other golfers as well as the course, and below are some basic principles that will help you get the most out of your game. 

Avoid unreasonably slow play on the course

Slow play continues to plague golf courses across the country. To combat slow play:


  1. Be particularly aware of your own pace and always be in preparation for your shot while others in your group are playing

  2. Ask faster groups to play through (incidentally, a group passing through should show good taste by making every effort to pass through in good speed)

  3. Groups starting on #1 should allow the groups on the course in front of them to clear the hill by the 100-yard marker.

Divots, Ball Marks, and Traps

All golfers should be mindful of ball marks and divots on the greens and fairways, which can hinder play and destroy the course. If you are unaware of the best way to repair an unwanted mark on the green, please see the Golf Professional or Superintendent of Grounds.

Large divots taken out of the fairways should be replaced and other divots should be filled in with sand.

All bunkers should be raked after playing a shot and the rakes should be left inside the bunkers, parallel to the general line of play/tines down.

Respect for other Golfers

Excessive noise and movement are distracting and frustrating to fellow golfers. While playing the course, please make every effort to avoid these distractions in order to foster an enjoyable time for all. Profanity and throwing of clubs will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.

All golfers are expected to dress appropriately when on the golf course.

Men - Slacks or Bermuda shorts, and appropriate collared golf shirt.

Women - Skirts/slacks/mid-length shorts, and appropriate golf shirt.

Soft spikes only

The following items of apparel are considered inappropriate:


  1. Tank tops

  2. Cut-offs

  3. Swim Suits

  4. Shirtless

  5. Sports jerseys, warm-ups, or sweat suits

  6. Any other item of apparel considered inappropriate by the Golf Professional or the Club Management.

The dress code applies to members and guests.


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